LG VR66801VMIP Robotic Vacuum


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DUAL EYE 2.0: The Dual Eye 2.0™ Mapping System on the VR66801VMIP has two cameras to help navigate and calculate the most efficient way to clean.Easy-out Dust Bin

Upper Camera: The upper camera captures 30 images per second, even in low light conditions to create a map of the room and optimise the cleaning pattern.

Lower Camera: The lower camera features an optical flow sensor to read the floor and measure moving distance.

CORNER MASTER: Enabled by its unique shape and brand new concept design that is appropriate for walls, the VR66801VMIP’s cleaning performance is incredibly efficient.

EASY-OUT DUST BIN: Compared to robotic vacuum cleaners that have a sliding dust bin at the back of the unit, the lift-from-the-top dust bin of the ROBOKING TURBO minimises residual dust in the bin slot, so the VR66801VMIP can get back to cleaning in no time.

LEARNING FUNCTION: The Learning Function allows the VR66801VMIP to recognize the areas it has cleaned on previous occasions, so the vacuum precisely remembers the optimal cleaning path and positioning of obstacles. ROBOKING TURBO cleans as if it has photographic memory, ensuring faster and more efficient cleaning every time.

DIGITAL BUMPER AND SMART EXIT: The VR66801VMIP has multiple sensors that recognise obstacles in its path and minimise collision. The sensors can also help the vacuum to understand how far ahead objects are and the Smart Exitfunction provides various actions to help it manoeuvre its way out in the unlikely event it gets stuck.

 Digital Bumper and Smart Exit

SCHEDULED CLEANING: Set the VR66801VMIP to vacuum on a recurring schedule, making a spick and span floor easier to maintain for those who lead busy lifestyles.

90 VOICE NOTIFICATIONS: With more than 90 voice alerts, the VR66801VMIP will alert you to issues that require your attention.

LONG-LASTING RUN TIME: The VR66801VMIP offers up to 100 minutes of run time in normal mode. This clever vacuum can also find its way back to the charging station when its battery is low to ensure it’s ready for its next cleaning job.

MAPPING RESUME: If cleaning is interrupted or if the VR66801VMIP is moved to a new area within a one metre radius, its Auto-Resume function allows it to continue cleaning where it left off.

Ultrasonic Sensors


SPIRAL MODE: The VR66801VMIP Spiral mode moves in a spiral shape which works best when you want to vacuum a specific spot.

ZIG ZAG MODE: This mode moves back and forth until it has covered the room. Ideal for large spaces with few obstacles.

CELL BY CELL MODE: This mode is ideal for complex areas, as the vacuum ensures each cell has been completed before moving on.

MY SPACE MODE: The unique My Space programme allows you to efficiently clean an area that you have identified. For example, you can set the VR66801VMIP to clean typically problem areas such as near the front door or to pick up dropped crumbs from around the kitchen table.

Key Specifications

  • Brand   LG
  • Finish Colour      Red
  • Model Number      VR66801VMIP
  • Height (mm)     89 mm
  • Width (mm)     340 mm
  • Depth (mm)     340 mm
  • Vacuum Type      Robotic
  • Vacuum Bag Type    Bagless
  • Weight (kg)      3 Kg
  • Power (V)     220-240 Volts
  • Power (W)    23 Watts

Battery Information

  • Battery Capacity     2330 mAh
  • Battery Charging Time     3 Hours
  • Battery Life (hrs)     1 Hours
  • Battery Type     Lithium ion



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